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 Department of Assamese

  • Dr. Gayatry Devi Goswami

    Associate Professor & Vice Principal

    D.O.J. 01-01-1986

  • Dr. Anju Borah

    Associate Professor

    D.O.J. 02-03-1988

  • Dr. Bolin Handique

    Associate Professor

            D.O.J.: 12-08-2000      

  • Aniruddha Dutta

    Associate Professor

    D.O.J: 01-08-1997

About the department

The department of Assamese was established in 1963. The department currently has 5 teaching staff. The department of Assamese is one of the major departments with the prime objective to promote quality education in literary activities. As on today the Department caters to the demands of Major, General and MIL Courses. The student-teacher ratio for major course is 34:1 and MIL is 48:1. There is a departmental library with a moderate number of books and periodicals at the easy reach of the students and teachers.

Strength of the department:
The department has three Associate professor having PhD and one out of them is working as research guide recognized by the Dibrugarh University. The department has well known writers who have authored a good number of books, Novels and other books of similar literary genres.

Future plan of the department:
The department has certain action plans for future.
a. To publish a peer reviewed research journal.
b. To upgrade the existing course curriculum offered to PG level.
c. To publish books on different literary genres with the write-ups of the past and present students.