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IQAC Committee

  • Dr. Nibedita Phukan, Principal


  • Dr. Utpal Sut


  • Dr. Rizia Begum Laskar

    Teacher Member

  • Mr. Diganta Kakaty

    Teacher Member

  • Mr. Aniruddha Dutta

    Teacher Member

  • Dr. Shekhar Chakraborty

    Teacher Member.

  • Mr. Suresh Bhattacharyya

    Teacher Member

  • Dr. Moutusi Bagchi

    Teacher Member

  • Mrs. Manisha Dutta Hazarika

    Teacher Member

  • Mr. Dipankar Sarmah

    Teacher Member

  • Mr. J.P. Kanoi

    Management Member

  • Dr. G.D. Goswami, Vice Principal

    Administrative Representative

  • Mr. Jadav J. Saikia, Librarian

    Administrative Representative

  • Mr. Bikash Baruah, Head Assistant

    Administrative Representative

  • Surojit Bhattacharjee, Junior Assistant

    Administrative Representative

  • Dr. K.M. Bhagawati, Gandhinagar, Dibrugarh

    Local Society Nominee

  • Lavita Sachoni, PRO, BCPL, Dibrugarh

    Alumni Nominee

  • President, MDKGCSU

    Students' Nominee

  • Prof. Ajanta Rajkonwar, Dibrugarh University

    Employer's Nominee

  • Dr. Nazrana Ahmed, Dibrugarh


  • Mr. Amarjyoti Boruah (Guardian Member)

    Stakeholder Member

About IQAC

M.D.K.G.College underwent the first cycle of NAAC Assessment and Accreditation ( A & A) in 2004 under the Chairmanship of Dr. D.K.Bhuyan (Principal) and the Co-ordinator of the Steering Committee was Dr. Aradhana Kataky. The College has an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) established since 2005. The process of second cycle of A & A was completed in November 2011. During this cycle, Prof. S.Bhattacharyya was the Co-ordinator.Then the IQAC was reconstituted in February 2012 with Dr.U.C.Saharia as the Co-ordinator. Dr Saharia took over the charge of Vice Principal in 2014. As such Dr Moutusi Bagchi was appointed as the Co-ordinator in May,2014.


The IQAC has been set up in order to trigger action plans for quality enhancement and quality sustenance of the institution. It has an important role to play in the quality assurance and maintenance in our service of dissemination of knowledge and enlightening the society. The cell has been making constant effort to motivate and guide the students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the college to achieve quality excellence. Accordingly the cell meets frequently to plan out and evaluate the progress of every activity. Given below are some of the activities taken up by IQAC.

  •  Introduction of Feedback collection (both manual & online from students, Guardians and           Alumni), its evaluation and offer suggestions to the authority and taking actions if      necessary.

  •  Formation of Parent Teachers’ Association

  •  Community based extension activities

  •  Cleanliness Drive  

  •  Environment Awareness Programme

  •  Student-centric programmes on various issues

The IQAC has contributed in institutionalising the quality assurance processes by performing the following functions

•  Conduct students’, guardian’s and alumni feedback.

•  Improve teaching-learning process; monitors the teaching learning process through analysis of students’ feedback on teachers and submission of teaching plans, both departmental and individual.

•  Self appraisal of teaching staff. 

•  Aids in the process of teachers’ promotion by verifying API scores before placing to the DSC.

•  Support research, organise special lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia and co-curricular activities.

•  Organise extension works by different cells, associations or departments. 

•  Prepare Perspective plan for campus development. 

•  Ensure regular maintenance of academic calendar. 

•  Ensure computer literacy.

•  Keep abreast of the information on quality parameters of higher education. 

•  Documentation and maintenance of records of activities and programmes held in the College which enhance quality. 

•  Preparation of AQAR and submission of the same to NAAC. 

•  Plays a role in influencing authority to develop infrastructure and initiate renovation whenever required. 

•  Projects academic achievements and excellence of departments and/or students at external forums and platforms for recognition in the form of awards and rewards.

Since the formation of the IQAC, a number of proposals have been placed before the authority and most of them have been implemented. Some examples are as follows

1.  The college should celebrate golden jubilee in a befitting manner. Thus, the golden jubilee of the college was celebrated with pomp and grandeur between 2012 and 2013.

2.  The departmental and the individual teaching plans should be submitted to the IQAC. 

3.  The IQAC proposed the formation of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the PTA is contributing substantially towards the welfare of the college.

4.  The Alumni Association to be reconstituted as well as welfare activities be chalked out.

5.  The Feedback Committee was formed and entrusted with the responsibility of generating stakeholders’ feedback.

6.  For extending community service and as a part of ISR, the IQAC suggested the management to collaborate with a local NGO. Thus, extension services were carried out in the tea garden areas.

7.  The IQAC suggested that the Disciplinary Committee needs to be particular regarding the maintenance of decorum within college including proper college uniform.

8.   As per feedback received from the students, the IQAC suggested the management to revamp the canteen; the canteen staff was changed for the better.

9.  A campus Cleanliness Programme as suggested by the IQAC was approved by the management. The students are awarded certificate of participation for this programme. 
10.  As per the suggestion of IQAC, the MDKGSU constitution was framed by a committee comprising of the student union members, teachers, Principal, Vice Principal and IQAC Co-ordinator.

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