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Glimpse of NCC

Dr Phirmi Bodo being awarded Certificate of Excellence

Glimpse of NCC

International Yoga Day observed under the aegis of NSS & NCC, 2016 &n 2017

Glimpse of NCC

International Yoga Day observed under the aegis of NSS & NCC, 2016 &n 2017

Glimpse of NCC

International Yoga Day observed under the aegis of NSS & NCC, 2016 &n 2017

Glimpse of NCC

International Yoga Day observed under the aegis of NSS & NCC, 2016 &n 2017



NCC wing of the college works towards nation building, national integration, developing self-confidence  NCC unit has been showing praise-worthy achievements by actively participating in different programmes like Republic  Day Parade in New Delhi and other  three events of sports.

Presently, the institute has 50 cadets (Senior Wing) under 63 Girls Assam BN NCC, Dibrugarh. Cadets get exposure to various activities which help them in personality growth.  Cadets have participated in NIC (National Integration Camp), CATC (Combined Annual Training Camp), Adventurous activities like Mountaineering, Trekking etc. Army Attachment Camp, Basic Leadership Programme, RDC (Republic Day Camp), YEP (Youth Exchange Programme) and National Games.

Dr Phirmi Bodo, Assistant Professor, Sociology Department, (MDKG College) took charge of NCC-In charge in 2014. After two years as per NCC Rule Book She was sent to NCC Officers Training Academy in Gwalior (M.P) w.e.f 16th January to 15th April 2017. During the training she has been awarded Certificate of Excellence the in Drill and NIAP (National Integration Awareness Camp). She was awarded with Grade β€œA”. After completion of the course she was ranked as β€œLieutenant”.


1.Eli Senapati, Jupitora Gogoi , Kiran rajkumari, Jashita Baghri, Priyanka Kumari Sah, Alisha Rahman, Maina Khatoon and Jinnat Begum participated in CATC at Chawalkhowa held from 10.02.2015 to 19.02.2015. 

2.Diprekha Boruah, Luna Chetia, Maina Khatoon, Jinnat Begum, Nikita Rabidas, Jayanti Neog, Arti Karmakar, Alisha Rahman and Kaku Gogoi participated in CATC at Mahadevpur (A.P.) held from 21.05.2015 to 30.05.2015. 

3.Jupitora Gogoi and Luna Chetia participared Pre TSC/IGC held at Nagaon held from 04.08.2015 to 13.08.2015

4.Kaku Gogoi participated Pre RDC II at Saru Sajai, Guwahati held from 30.12.2015 to 09.12.2015

5.Jupitora Gogoi participated TSC held at Delhi from 24.09.2015 to 05.10.2015

6.Kaku Gogoi, Pronami Buragohain and Luna Chetia participated Pre RDC I 2015 at Umroi Cantt. Shillong held from 06.10.2015 to 15.10.2015 

7.Kaku Gogoi participated Pre RDC III at Guwahati held from 10.12.2015 to 19.12.2015

8.Luna Chetia and Arati Karmakar participated 200 Adventure course at NIM, Uttarkashi from 06.12.2014 to 22.12.2014

9.Five NCC cadet, Eli Senapoti, Diprekha Baruah, Jinnat Begum, Alisha Rahman and Luna Chetia participated  Pre NCC National Games 2014 in Guwahati held from 22.08.2014 to 31.08.2014

10.Diprekha Boruah and Luna Chetia participated in Pre NCC National Games in Delhi held from 07.10.2014 to 19.10.2014

11.Diprekha Baruah participated NIC - II at Chattishgarh held from 16.11.2014 to 27.11.2014

12.Diprekha Baruah participated NIC - II at Nagrota (J & K) held from 16.11.2014 to 27.11.2014

13.Nidhi Verma, Naina Singh, Sunita Raut, Khusboo Thakur and Sanghya Verma participated in NIC - I at Tezpur held from 02.01.2013 to 13.01.2013

14.Rubi Baishya and Simran Kujur participated Ajmer Trek at Ajmer Trek at Ajmer held from 07.11.2013 to 16.11.2013

15.Apoarna Sarkar, Barsha Gogoi, Nirmala Rabidas and Babli Begum participared in CATC at Ragajan held from 25.05.2012 to 03.06.2012 

16.Rubi Baishya, Jyoti Shah and Sanghmitra Dutta joint attachment at Military Hospital, Dinjan held from 01.09.2012 to 12.09.2012

17.Sujata Sukla Baidya, Sanghamitra Dutta, Chanda Kumari Baitha, Kepalule Newne and Jyoti Shah participated advance leadership camp at Ranchi held from 04.10.2012 to 15.01.2012

18.Anindita Gogoi, Simran Kujur and Asha Priyanka Toppo participated NIC - I at Kollayam (Kerala) held from 23.12.2011 to 03.01.2012

19.Anisha Singh and Khusboo Thakur participated special NIC at Zakahana, Nagaland held form 03.07.2012 to 14.07.2012

20.Minaksh Gogoi, Kepalule Newme, Sanghamitra Dutta, Shanhin Begum, Rubi Bashya, Jyoti Sah and Mayashree Chetia participated in CATC - XI Pre-RD Selection Camp at Moran held from 03.11.2012 to 12.11.2012. 

21.Simron Kujur and Susmita Sarkar participated NIC - I at Memari, Bardwan held from 31.12.2012 to 11.11.2012

22.Borsha Gogoi and Babti Begum participated NIC - I at Thonjavure, Tamil Nadu held from 01.10.2011 to 12.10.2011

23.Sunali Pator, Nirmala Rabi Das and Radhika Goala participated NIC - I at Bodhgaya held from 10.10.2011 to 21.10.2011

24.Rubi Baishya, Jyoti Shah and Sanghamitra Dutta participated in Combined Annual Training Camp held from 11.05.2011 to 20.05.2011

25.Mitali Joshi, Sehnaz Begum, Parijat Dihingia and Aparna Sarkar participated Comboned Annual Training Camp (CACT) at J.N.V. Rangajan held from 04.07.2011 to 13.07.2011

26.Anindata Gogoi, Susmita Sarkar, Naina Singh, Khusboo Thakur, Simran Kujur and Anisha Singh participated Comboned Annual Training Camp (CACT) at J.N.V. Rangajan held from 10.10.2011 to 19.10.2011